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Benjamin Cyprien

birdSEED Advisory Board

Benjamin is a dedicated finance professional from Montgomery County, Maryland, committed to giving back to his local community. Currently, he plays a crucial role at Nest DC, where he handles financial responsibilities and assists property owners and tenants with various billing and statement inquiries.

Beyond his professional contributions, Benjamin is deeply committed to social and economic justice. He is a proud member of the birdSeed organization, where he actively works to close the racial wealth gap by supporting historically disadvantaged communities in their quest for homeownership. His passion for this cause reflects his belief in empowering Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) communities.

Benjamin has instilled in him a profound sense of responsibility to uplift those around him, and he consistently demonstrates this commitment through his work and community involvement. His dedication to financial excellence and community betterment exemplify his unwavering commitment to positive change and social impact.

Benjamin Cyprien
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