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Success Stories

birdSEED grantee


Believe it can happen.
Ask every question under the sun.
Go through all housing counseling courses.
Talk to those in your circle who have purchased houses.
After you purchased your house, give back to your community to help others in their purchase or who may be looking towards home ownership.

birdSEED grantee


Even if it takes years do not give up !

birdSEED grantee


Do research and make sure you more than just the down payment saved up.

birdSEED grantee


Have patience and don’t give up. The best is yet to come.

birdSEED grantee


Best advise is take your time and find something you love. One thing I wish I knew before purchasing is this process is not quick it takes time.

birdSEED grantee


A delay is not a denial. Do the work! Take your time to learn to manage your finances and save money, understand how your credit can work for and against you, make a list of the things you desire in your home, and start envisioning yourself looking at homes, sitting at the table signing at closing, getting your keys and moving into the home of your hearts desires!

birdSEED grantee


Create a plan and research every step of the process. (This was a YouTube channel that helped me tremendously understanding what to expect. Keep your documents organized. Don’t be discouraged by the process!

birdSEED grantee

Pat and Renata

The best advice we have is to have a plan, but also have flexibility built into the plan when looking for your home. Also, once you move in, get to know your neighbors. That will make a big difference.

If there's one thing we wish we knew is that your first, second, or even fifth offer may not be accepted, especially in a crazy and inflated real estate market. You just have to continue to stick with it and don't get discouraged.

birdSEED grantee

Tony and Harry

Home buying can be extremely stressful, so also be sure to take care of your self during the process. Also, try not to operate from a space of anxiety, remain optimistic. Continue to manifest your home but speaking about it out loud and dreaming about it with family and friends.

birdSEED grantee


The advice is to stay focused, get in a routine of saving and to remember what you’re in this process for — stability in housing. Learn as much as you possibly can about every layer of being a homeowner. The work truly begins once you sign on the dotted line.

birdSEED grantee


I advise other first time homebuyers to not be discouraged by the many articles they may read about the housing market. Remain optimistic and don’t give up hope! I found out about birdSEED after a Google search on down payment assistance grants in the DMV. I applied on the last day for applications and it changed my life.

birdSEED grantee

Katherine and Marco

Expand your search about what neighborhoods you are willing to live in. interview and research your realtor and if you don't vibe find another one. Don't spend over your means. Make sure you prepare yourself for things to go wrong in your home. Get to know your neighbors. Before you buy your home visit the neighborhood during different times during the day.

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