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Ayesha Hudson

birdSEED Advisory Board

Ayesha is a real estate developer focused on providing housing and resident programming for those of modest means. She is a native Washingtonian and product of DC Public Schools. Ayesha began her public service career with DC Fire and EMS and later retired from the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department (PGFD) in May 2021. During her tenure with PGFD, Ayesha served as the Director of the Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office and established the Mediation Program as a tool to foster greater communication during employee disputes. She continues her work as an alternative dispute resolution consultant and instructor.

As Chief Executive Officer of A-Peace, LLC, Ayesha has managed the company's rental portfolio for the past 23 years. A-Peace's properties house families across 3 of the District’s quadrants. Ayesha's intention is to create and preserve housing in undervalued neighborhoods while incorporating resident programming. She is also actively expanding the company’s capabilities into construction and community development.

Ayesha believes in service leadership. She is an Advisory Councilmember of the Prince George’s Community Collaborative Resolution Center, an associate in the Sustainable Communities Project®, member of the District of Columbia’s Landlord Advisory Group and co-chair for her local PTSA. Ayesha holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Maryland College Park’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. She and her phenomenal husband Eric have 4 awesome children and enjoy doing just about everything together!

Ayesha Hudson
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