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Terinee Bonds

birdSEED Advisory Board

Terinee Bonds is an accomplished real estate agent celebrated for her innovative thinking, out-of-the-box strategies, and impressive track record in guiding clients through the real estate market. With a profound passion for helping first-time home buyers, Terinee takes pride in educating clients about generational wealth and kickstarting their real estate investment journeys. As a third-generation real estate investor, she deeply understands the transformative power of real estate in creating generational prosperity. Her roots in a real estate family have nurtured her commitment to home ownership advocacy and client empowerment.

As an African American real estate agent, Terinee brings a perspective that's deeply informed by her own journey in the world of homeownership as a BIPOC individual. Despite having the advantage of growing up in a family heavily involved in real estate, she still found herself personally navigating the complexities, biases, and inequities that can often create roadblocks for individuals like her. This personal understanding drives her to be a catalyst for change. She’s not only committed to helping her clients achieve their real estate goals but also to breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive and just real estate landscape for everyone, regardless of their background.

Terinee Bonds
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